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We are an Oregon Caregiving Agency serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

We believe the best caregivers have a personal relationship with clients, so we make it simple to get friends and family certified as paid Medicaid caregivers. We handle the background checks, training, and the ongoing certification- putting the power of caregiver staffing into the hands of clients, families and direct support workers- all through a simple technology solution.

We take care of the administration and paperwork so that the right team of people can focus on caregiving at the highest hourly rates in the state. Families choose their own caregivers in a convenient, transparent App available on iOS and Android.

Who we are

What we offer

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Caseworker Benefits

Better Communication

Better Information

Better Compliance

Less Paperwork

Less Stress

Client & Family B​enefits

Caregiver choice for families

Control caregiving schedule

Become the caregiver

Less paperwork

Budget tracking

Caregiver notes

Bu​i​l​d your own team! *

Caregiver Benefits

Control of your schedule

Work for friends and family

Work for others in the area

Convenient Online ​Training

Free Backgroun​d Checks

Highest P​ay rates

Pai​d​ Weekly

*Caregiving Teams are ideally built from your immediate network of friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc.

No shift is too short for Enable. When the right team surrounds our clients, everybody wins!

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in-home support


attendant care | family support | medication admin | community involvement | transportation ​household tasks | relief care

Our care model

At Enable, we build teams around our clients for the best possible support, ideally provided by friends and family. Family members are empowered to recruit and manage staffing, and get paid the best wages in the state by using a technology solution that solves the complexities of caregiving.

Case Management Entities (CME’s) ​benefit from the Enable care model by ​using our technology for communication, ​individual support plans, goals and full ​visibility into their client’s care to ​eliminate the threat of fraud, waste and ​abuse. CME’s are an important part of ​the Enable team.







Everyone deserves the best chance at living a full life. Our clients receive exceptional in-home support when they and their guardians involve close friends and family in regular care using a safe, secure and easy to use caregiver management system that is HIPPA compliant.

Enable is not a traditional agency. We ​are here to connect case managers, ​trained caregivers, and qualified clients ​so that they can maximize benefits, ​manage care, and track progress in ​simple to use mobile apps. Our goal is ​to build the best caregiving teams ​around our clients and give them the ​best experience doing it.

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Are you approved to receive ODDS Attendant Care ​benefits (community living supports OR526) in the ​state of Oregon?

Do you have a smartphone with a data plan?

Are you comfortable using smartphone apps?

Do you know people you can sign up as caregivers?

Will you manage your caregiver scheduling and ​relationships?

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Love your Caregiver?

...bring them with you!

Already have a Caregiver? Keep them on ​your team!

Enable hires and pays whomever you ​prefer for your care or the care of

your loved one (must qualify), and

we pay EVERY WEEK!

$30 p/hr!

Senate Bill 1565

We believe that parents are the best caregivers for ​their children, and we support SB1565. We are ​currently onboarding the first of the 155 parents ​who were granted the CEN Waiver, and look ​forward to many more who are on the waitlist.

With Enable’s technology, streamlined process, and ​high caregiver pay, we are the future for parents who ​deserve this benefit.

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Part of the solution

case management entities we work with

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Enable proudly volunteers time and donates money to various ​causes and charities within the Disabilities Community

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Caregivers are Superheroes

Caregivers are the heroes of our industry. They work hard and give ​everything they’ve got to their clients. They are underpaid and ​rarely get any thanks or praise.

Enable is changing the lives of Caregivers (DSP’s) by paying them a ​living wage each week, and using technology to provide the healthy ​and flexible lifestyle that they deserve. Our Caregivers usually ​serve people that they already know and love.

If you are a Caregiver, we salute you and invite you to join our ​league of professional and caring DSP’s who make a difference in ​the lives of the most deserving people in Oregon. Thank you for ​sharing your superpowers and for doing this meaningful work.

*must be 18 years or older and pass a background check to qualify

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